Monday, 19 June 2017

Bajran Sena Demands Ban on Kamasutra Books Inside Khajuraho Temple

Members of Bajrang Sena on Tuesday approached Chattarpur police to ban the sale of Kamasutra books within the premises of the Khajuraho Temple, reported Hindustan Times.
The group alleged that Kamasutra books and other erotic figurines were being sold inside sacred premises of the Western Group of Temples, and this was against Indian culture and traditions.
The bitter truth is that the temple is famous for erotic sculptures engraved all around its walls. But to the president of the Khajuraho unit of Bajrang Sena, Jyoti Agarwal, the irony is lost. She told Hindustan Times that she was not opposed to any carvings on the wall as they were built in ancient times, but there was no need to “advertise” them in the present.

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