Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The lawyer who got Indira disbarred - The Quint

Shanti Bhushan was well aware that the arguments he would be making would shake the very political foundation of this country. "But we have millions of leaders. If not Indira, then some one else could easily take over", he says in an interview to The Quint on the fourty-second anniversary of the 1975 Emergency. Shanti Bhushan was representing Raj Narain who accused Indira Gandhi of electoral malpractices that won her the the Rae Bareilly Lok Sabha seat in the 1971 general election. And while the High Court disbarred Indira as an MP and from contesting elections for six years, a partial relief from the Supreme Court gave her enough time to suspend the Constitution and impose a state of internal emergency. Here's a look back at the case from the man who took on Indira Gandhi in court. 

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