Monday, 5 June 2017

Unauthorised Dyeing Units Responsible For Delhi’s ‘Cancer Colony’?

A locality in Delhi is now being called ‘the cancer colony’. People here say that a staggering percentage of residents here have been afflicted with the dreaded disease.
We are talking of the Shiv Vihar Colony in North-East Delhi’s Karawal Nagar area. Approximately 300 dyeing units here are involved in the business of colouring of denim jeans. Residents allege that these mushrooming dyeing units are affecting the ground water adversely and taking a toll on their health.
There has been no comprehensive study or research regarding the shocking allegation. But people here allege that in the absence of proper effluent treatment methods, the hazardous dyeing chemicals are diverted to the drains from where they seep into the ground, breaching water tables. Sadly, the water tables here are the residents’ only source of water for drinking, bathing and cleaning.

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