Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Quint: The Secret Behind Raghav Bahl’s Obsession with 18

So what’s the origin of the 18 in Network 18? It has been discussed, dissected & analysed by media pundits over & over again. Back in 1991 when Raghav Bahl started his own company he asked his co-founders RayC & CB Arun Kumar to come up with few names. They racked their brains and came up with few options. But when they approached Raghav it was too late, he had made up his mind. The company would be called TV18.
In this video and the new book ‘Network 18 – The Audacious Story of a Start-up That became a Media Empire’, Raghav finally reveals why ‘18’ works for him.
‘Network 18 – The Audacious Story of a Start-up That became a Media Empire’ has been published by Portfolio Penguin. The paperback edition is out in the Bookstores & available online.

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